How to get to the Villa Blanca Gibara?

Vía área. Transportista oficial del evento

Dirección: Calle 23 No. 64 esq. P Infanta, Vedado, Ciudad de La Habana,
Cuba Teléfonos: (537) 8344446.
Sitio web:
Para llegar a Holguín desde otras provincias.
*Precios:374.00 pesos (ida y vuelta)
*Frecuencia: todos los días

Salida Llegada Vuelo Precio
10:55 12:15 Cubana 972 374.00 pesos (ida y vuelta)
20:45 22:05 Cubana 976

*Precios:374.00 pesos (ida y vuelta)
*Frecuencia: todos los días

Salida Llegada Vuelo Precio
13:15 14:30 Cubana 973 374.00 pesos (ida y vuelta)
23:20 0:35 Cubana 977

Land route. Bus.

Address: Ave 26 y Zoológico, Nuevo Vedado, Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba.
Telephones: (+537) 8836092, 881 1413, 881 1108, 881 5652.
Website: Email:

Address: Ave Salvador Allende, # 101, e/ calle Bruzón y calle 19 de mayo. La Habana, Cuba
Telephones: (+537) 8709401 Ext. 100
Website: ,

It is the main interprovincial bus company in the country and connects practically all cities and towns with Havana and each other, however, since it is not geared to the tourism sector, tourist destinations that are outside of the towns are generally not accessible. direct way The buses in general are in quite good condition and the longest lines (more than 200 km) have air conditioning. There are also departures from Astros from other provincial capitals with destinations that are not Havana, such as Camagüey-Cienfuegos, Santiago de Cuba-Guantánamo and others, but the itineraries are not available here. Finally, not all outputs listed here are produced daily, there are destinations that departures occur on alternate days (usually smaller towns).

Recommended itinerary to get to Gibara from other tourist poles of Cuba

  1.  If you come from Camagüey or the Province of Las Tunas through the North Circuit you have the following options, when you get to Velasco there are two routes, one that continues by road to Aguas Claras, turning left and you are heading towards Gibara and another shorter one which is in Velasco turning left in front of the Cubalse and TRD Tent taking the embankment passing through Bocas and Canteen, turning left and heading towards Gibara.
  2.  From Las Tunas you can also arrive to Gibara if you are staying at Playa Cobarrubias, you can come crossing roads and highways, arriving first at Puerto Padre, then at Jesús Menéndez Sugar Mill, then by embankment to Las Torcazas, from here to Punta de Mangle, Caletones Beach and Gibara, if you want to continue your trip and get to know Guardalavaca and Holguín, this will leave your imagination open.
  3.  If you have a boat and it is located close to the waters of the Caribbean this guide suggests you live your own adventure, as Paul Muller did in 1929 following the footsteps of the discoverer of America or if your boat has a breakdown there is a shipyard that can provide service of the whole naval range to boats of up to 35m of length and 150t of weight.