The wall of words

Original Title: La Pared de las Palabras.


Year: 2014


Direction: Fernando Pérez

Original Language: Español


Color: Color

Duration: 90 minutes

Sound: Estéreo

Production: Jorge Perugorría / Camilo Vives / Fernando Pérez / Zuzel Monné

Script: Fernando Pérez

Photography: Raúl Pérez Ureta

Cast: Jorge Perugorría / Isabel Santos / Laura de la Uz / Verónica Lynn / Carlos Enrique Almirante / Ana Gloria Buduén / Maritza Ortega


Luis suffers from a dystonia and can not communicate. Between the medical institution and the family, their inner life is an insurmountable wall. The wall of words, more than a film about disability, tries to reflect on the difficult exercise of human communication, pain and the limits of sacrifice.

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